Come Alive Collection

Make each day magical

So you’ve found the setting for the holiday of your dreams. Now to fill your trip with memories to make it last a lifetime. At Sunlife we’ve got something for everyone, from thrills to relaxation, culture to nature, gastronomy to golf.  Our new "Come Alive Collection" offers a series of experiences to radiate the magic of Mauritius.

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Village Vibe

At La Pirogue, guests are immediately welcomed into the buzz and bustle of local village life as the team creates an arrival experience like no other. Here, there are no boring reception desks or conventional entrance paraphernalia. Instead, your grand entrance moment will come alive to the beat and energy of market stalls manned by local vendors offering glaçon rápé and other edible treats. Craft makers showcase up-cycled jewellery made from shells while artists mix vibrant colours at their easels.